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Endodontics Chairperson (SOD)

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Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
12 days ago


Position Summary:

The duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson of a department or division in the School of Dentistry are varied and numerous.  He/she is one of the key administrators in the school, ensuring and maintaining continuous and open lines of communication between the faculty and the Dean.  The Chairperson should have fundamental understating of the policies and procedures of the school and the college as well as the philosophy of the Dean.  They assume the responsibility to communicate and implement the objectives of the dental administration.

The Chairperson of the department has the responsibility for the development of innovative strategies to maximize the resources within the department, school, college, and community.  He/she must exhibit leadership ability through the systematic application of acceptable administrative decision-making to encourage scientific endeavor by students, faculty and staff.  Persons in each department will develop through expert guidance from the Department Chairperson.

While the policy and procedures of each department must be consistent with the college policy, independence and creativity are encouraged for departmental growth.  To maintain department policy and procedures and enhance growth and development of students, faculty and staff the following areas of responsibilities should be assumed by the Chairperson of the Department.


An earned doctorate in a health-related academic discipline is required.  Academic experience as a faculty member with an exemplary record of research, scholarship and inquiry is required. 

Position Description:

  • To assume administrative responsibilities to the fullest extent for the department.
  • To meet regularly with department to relay and discuss information gathered from the Chairs/Deans meeting.
  • Develop innovations for timely progression of students, especially in the clinical years.
  • Improve performance on National/Regional Boards.
  • Establish clinical teaching in clinics versus clinical checking.
  • Develop at least one research project.
  • Participate in the future Practice Plan.
  • Significantly reduce departmental conflict between faculty and faculty/student.
  • Ensure that faculty are present and on time for clinics and classroom assignments.
  • Get requested reports in on time.
  • Arrive on time for chairs/Deans Meeting and faculty meetings.
  • Expected to spend at least 30% clinical contact time teaching and demonstrating to students.
  • To be responsible for ensuring that clinical coverage is always available when clinics are open.
  • Assure a humane environment conductive to student learning.
  • Assure that all grades in the department are submitted no later than at the requested date and change of grades are submitted as soon as students complete requirements in the respective courses and clinics.
  • Establish a program of calibration, which results in reliability and validity in clinical grading by faculty.
  • Be responsible for effective senior seminar courses and/or National Board Reviews following the standardized review format.
  • Assist the Office of the Dean of the School of Dentistry in addressing the recommendations imposed by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) of the American Dental Association for Accreditation.
  • Ensure that material taught in department is current and not outdated.
  • Meet with staff to let them know what your expectations are.


The commitment of chairpersons of department or divisions of the School of Dentistry will be limited to a maximum of 30% time.  The administrative time needed will vary from department to department.  This limitation leaves time for the other duties of the Chairperson.  The administrative duties of the Chairperson may include (but is not limited to) the following:

  1. Determination of departmental objectives and goals and plans for achievement of them.  The plan will be done in consultation with the departmental faculty and other appropriate administrative persons.
  2. Working on committees
  3. Chief administrator of the department or division
    • Assignment of duties and responsibilities to faculty and staff
    • Management of finance including budget preparation and justification.
    • Assisting students, alumni and faculty by writing letters of recommendation, etc.
    • Evaluation of Faculty
    • Making recommendations for:

A. Appointments

B. Promotions

C. Peer Review

D. Certification of Competency

E. Research Time

F. Dismissals

G. Leave

H. Travel

I. Security clearance, keys, etc.

Teaching and Learning Systems

Fundamentally, the objectives, principles and philosophies involved in the teaching of didactic, laboratory and clinics are the same or similar.  Each Chairperson is expected to spend no less than 40% of his/her time in direct contact with students.  The percentage time includes didactic, clinical and laboratory instructions.  The Chairperson is responsible for the following:

  1. The determination of the aims and objectives of the overall teaching program in the department.
  2. The syllabi portions of the clinic manual, courses and the curriculum in the department.
  3. Program development and implementation of progress such as continuing education, honors, remedial, electives, extramural, etc.
  4. Evaluation and advisement of teachers in teaching.
  5. Evaluation of learning…..student achievement and recent graduates on internal and external (licensure) examinations.
  6. Calibration of faculty for teaching and evaluating students.

III.  Research

Facilitate the development of research in the department.  This includes the allocation of faculty time, being knowledgeable about research grants and assisting the faculty where possible.

IV. Faculty Development

The Chairperson should assist the development of the faculty in knowledge, psychomotor skills, administrative skills, pedagogical techniques, interpersonal communication, loyalty to the School and College, American Board certification, etc.

V. Support Staff

The Chairperson is responsible for maintaining a good support staff including the recruitment and/or development of appropriate staff such as secretaries, technicians, dental assistants, etc.

VI. Faculty Practice Plan

The Chairperson is responsible for facilitating the development of a faculty practice plan.  The faculty will be guided within the rules of the School of Dentistry.  It is expected that each clinical faculty will spend the equivalent of one day in the faculty practice plan of the School of Dentistry.

VII.  Faculty and Staff Attendance

The Chairperson will be responsible for assuring the daily presence and function of faculty and staff in keeping with School and College policies.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Experience in initiating and coordinating collaborative and programmatic research across units or disciplines
  • Demonstrated history of experience with faculty development including mentoring and technical assistance.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with government sponsors.
  • Good interpersonal and interdisciplinary team building skills.

Environmental Conditions & Physical Demands

  • Visual and auditory acuity.
  • Manual dexterity.
  • Usual office working conditions


Education and Experience:

Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry invites applications for a part-time/full-time non-tenure track faculty position as Professor in the Department of Endodontics. Applicants must hold a DDS/DMD degree, board eligible or certified in Endodontics.

Position Information

  • Job ID: 61450801
  • Location:
    Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • Position Title: Endodontics Chairperson (SOD)
  • Company Name For Position: Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry
  • Specialties and Administration Roles: Endodontics
  • Position Type: Chair
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Duration: Indefinite
  • Min Education: Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

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